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The Customs Affiliates

Masters of Creating Wearable Art Footwear

Kyle Littles

KLitt Kreationz

Kyle Littles is the Owner of KLitt Kreationz.

In Just over 2 years KLitt Kreationz has become a fan favorite as he is enjoying National Sales.

Kim Smith

Kimmy's Customs, LLC

Kim Smith is the Owner of Kimmy's Customs.

Bursting onto the scene Kim has quickly embodied her art skills into a brand that has become an Inspiring Trendsetter.

Open Mentoring

Intern In Training

The Creators

KLitt Kreationz

Who Is Kimmy's Customs?

I'm from Jacksonville, FL, and currently living in North Carolina. I'm a veteran who proudly served for 9 years and a former professional athlete who was searching for a "Second Act". I rediscovered my passion for art and I have always loved shoes.

Customizing shoes combined those two passions perfectly and I am looking forward to bringing ideas

From my mind to your Feet!"

Run with Maud Custom High Top AF1

Kimmy's Customs Testimonial 

"I met Erica B in a black girls crafting group. I saw your work and I was amazed by your talent and it was something that I was interested in. I sent you a message and you responded and from there she become my mentor. She has giving me constructive criticism from the beginning and even though sometimes I did not initially understand what she meant it definitely helped.

I am continuing to grow as an artist and I’m so grateful that she has given me good feedback because there is so much information out there and you can easily get lost".

~Kim Smith

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