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The P.A.D Team

Erica B Airbrush Designer

President & C.E.O.

Prophetic Airbrush Designs

Masters of converting blank canvases into customer satisfaction

LaQuetta Danzy

Vice President

LaQuetta Danzy is an amazingly charming personality who brings strong leadership with the ability of making great impressions upon new team members and customers

Horace Moss, II

Business Manager

Horace Moss, II captures the essence of ideas that elevate our future endeavors into masterful accomplishments while balancing our teams structure to open and seal business opportunities

Masters of converting blank canvases into customer satisfaction

Tranita Gray

Administrative Assistant

Tranita Gray is a seasoned professional in the field of public relations. Her dedication to seeing this vision make leaps and bounds assures our company's future leaders can accomplish anything they desire to achieve

De'Raun Crawford

Special Projects Artist

 De'Raun brings a unqiue creative pallet to the team as the creator of his own clothing brand, a gifted painter on automobiles, custom footwear and even the ability to use his insight on design layouts for the best results.

Business & Artistic Advisors

Our Leaders in the Industry We Serve

Malcolm McCrae

Business Mentor

Malcolm McCrae is a savy and well rounded individual in the field of the creative arts. Innovative and articulant Malcolm is the liason and creative advisor to our C.E.O., Erica B

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