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Tyrez Garner Art Scholarship

2 Art Classes with Erica B Airbrush Designer will be gifted to one young man and one young lady between the ages of 13-17 in honor of the life and memory of Tyrez Garner who departed this life Febuary 1, 2022. Tyrez will truly be missed and I will keep that candle lit through offering classes at my Art studio in Tarrant, Alabama where Tyrez was a resident and former student of 

Tarrant City Schools.

Tyrez Garner Art Scholarship 

WVTM 13 News by Fred Davenport 

Tyrez the Artist

I met Tyrez in the early 2000's when his mother Tia became my hair stylist for the many braided hair styles you've seen me wear . The "Sit in my chair" relationship went beyond that as each member of the family became a part of my life in some significant way. Tyrez and I connected. He was creative and I was creative. Many times "Rez" became my mentor giving me encouragement and even shared ideas that would really open my eyes that there was more in me to do than I was already doing as an Airbrush Artist. He was more than willing to go out on a cool day and model a couple of pieces of my airbrush work for a photo shoot. The pink panther airbrush design on a black tee was his favorite. Tyrez made his mark in the earth and his impact will never be forgotten. ~Erica B 

If you would like to donate towards the Art Scholarship you may do so at any monetary amount here. Thank you for your love and support as we honor the life and artistic achievements of 

Tyrez Garner.

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Stay Tuned for the 2023 Sessions!

 Stay Tuned for the Next Class Announcement!

 on the Facebook Page "Erica B Airbrush Designer"

Tyrez Garner Art Scholarship Students Fall/Winter 2022

These students successfully completed the Airbrush Art & Custom Sneaker Sessions 

Scholarship Students in Action

"I have enjoyed this journey thus far and I believe Tyrez would be pleased"..~Erica B Airbrush Designer

A Day in our Class

Students learning the basics of using the airbrush by controlling the Air and Paint flow with lines and dagger strokes. 

Focus, Focus..Practice..Practice!

Students come to class ready to learn and honestly enjoy the time of instruction, fellowship, fun and snacks 

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