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Service Level Agreement

Prophetic Airbrush Designs Terms

We are so excited & elated that you have chosen Prophetic Airbrush Designs for your custom artwork, in order to ensure that you receive the best custom work. We have put a few guidelines to ensure that our process is seamless and professional. It is our desire that you are 100% happy with your custom work.

All customer service complaints will be resolved between 24-48 hours.

Draft Designs: $15+ depending on the pre-draft. These designs are computer generated and are only a draft and not the complete airbrushed finished results.

Prophetic Airbrush is not responsible for supplying items that are needed for airbrush. However, we do carry tags, t-shirts and some items we are able to special order. It will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Turn around time is 4-6 weeks (sometimes depends on the workload). The price of the rush fee is $25.00+ and also determined by the artist.

1. We reserve the right to refuse a customer at any given time.

2. Our airbrush artist reserves the right to decline artistry work on any cleat, shoe or shirt. I.E; We will not airbrush profanity, nudity, or go against P.A.D by laws.

3. You are to have your items in our artist hand no later than 2 to 4 weeks prior to the due date of said product.

4. Additional paint colors outside of our inventory will require additional payment.

5. Our airbrush artist reserves the right to alter any requests or suggestions if it will harm the product.

6. When airbrushing items that are not white, understanding the item will potentially NOT turn out into your vision due to the different colors. The best color for our artist to airbrush is the color white.

7. Client will drop off/ ship all products to our Art Studio.

All deliveries will incur a fee of $30.00 for travel, no exceptions.

8. Revisions are only given during the 5 day period. You are given only 1 revision. After one revision an invoice will be sent to the customer.

9. Drying Time: All items are required a 48 hour drying time. Picking your items up prior to the drying time forfeits your revision warranty.


We accept Cash App, Cash, Paypal & Square.

Full payment is due upon placing your order with our Airbrush Artist.

Full Refunds are for projects that have not been started nor have supplies been purchased.

Allow the “ Art to Flow” Policy:

If you are indecisive about how you would like your design to be and are looking for us to take COMPLETE & creative control of your project. Your payment will serve as an agreement between the customer & Prophetic Airbrush Designs. Also, that you are accepting that the final design is up to Erica B except minor changes.

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