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Noteable Art Works

Memorial Vault Painting

To Elexis with Love

Erica B & Special Projects Team Artist De'Raun travel down south of Alabama to the city of Coaling to paint a special cemetary vault cover to bring a little more peace for a Mother in loving memory of  a daughter gone to soon..

Forever Loved By Family 

Erica B & Special Projects Team Artist De'Raun make a special trip to Coatopa, Alabama to paint a special cemetery vault cover in memory of a beloved family member who was described as a rose and loved red birds.

Client Reactions!  

To Experience it in person is all worth the wait!

90's Baby!

Clients like Jasma going to her 90's party..We Love To See It!

It Must Be The Shoes!

Taking the young people's ideas and making them a reality..Drippp!

Home of Erica B Airbrush Designer

God, Get In These Hands

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